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  • Transfer - Create the best conditions

    The Team of NESS&NETWORK has its own value-oriented strategies to develop athletes’ career paths in their best interest and to negotiate the best contractual terms possible. A mix of market analysis, mentoring, networking and acquisition guarantees the best contract terms for the athlete in national and international transfers.

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  • Support & Mentoring - The heart of our work

    NESS&NETWORK is a network for professional athletes, coaches and clubs on the highest international level. Personal, individual and reliable the team of NESS&NETWORK works with great passion to meet the various needs of its athletes and in that sets highest priority onto an always competent and friendly accompaniment in the highs and lows of their careers. It is important to us to emphasize, that if requested, NESS&NETWORK is also available for personal concerns, even outside the playing or training venue.

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  • Marketing - People, Brands, Possibilities

    Athletes inspire crowds, are role models and heroes for whole generations of fans. This is where the base of the marketing strategies of NESS&NETWORK lies. Our primary goal is to identify the potential of an athlete early, use it to increase their publicity and to develop them as a brand. This could be as brand ambassador, advertising medium or image carrier. NESS&NETWORK knows the market and its possibilities.

    References for this are, among others, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, VISA, Allianz, Lego, Schwarzkopf & Henkel and many more…

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  • Sponsoring - Athletes as advertising media

    The high popularity degree of an athlete makes them attractive for regional, but also international companies. But which product fits to the athlete? NESS&NETWORK knows the benefits and dangers of this area and, in this sense, holds detailed conversations with sponsors before the athlete enters negotiations.

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  • Legal counsel - Know-how

    Many years of experience in contract law regarding transfers and negotiations with clubs, as well as sponsors and media are another strength of NESS&NETWORK. All our athletes have access to a network of judicial experts at any time.

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  • Finances - Sustainable asset planning

    Each athlete has existential questions: “How do I manage my money?“ or “What will I do after my career as an athlete?“
    In this area NESS&NETWORK only trusts serious experts of the finance and tax-sector for cooperations. Over 20 years of experience speak for themselves. NESS&NETWORK develops sustainable capital and accumulation/investment plans with its athletes. The principle is easy. Build up capital and invest profitably. For this purpose, we refer our clients to high-quality professional network partners to achieve optimal counseling.

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  • Public Relations - The athlete and the public

    Often a problematic area but still essentially important for the career of an athlete. NESS&NETWORK develops the right PR-Strategy for, and together with, the athlete – individual, conceptional and sometimes even unconventional. On principle, all details are always agreed on with the athlete.

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  • Social Media - Networks of opportunities

    Which social media are there and which make sense? In the variety of new social networks, it can become difficult to keep an oversight on everything. NESS&NETWORK assesses realistic opportunities for each athlete and develops an individual social media concept with them.

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  • Sports Speaker - Sharing the values of sport

    Due to their performance, athletes have a high public visibility and great role model function, regarding their fans but also corporations. This is an important success factor for events, TV appearances, interviews and similar. The combination of the right company/event with the right athlete is the base for the creation of added value for all parties involved – athlete, company and fans.

    In that, we ensure that our athletes are well prepared to be able to make a good appearance and valuable contribution to any event – with confidence and security.

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The person always is the centre of our activities.

Im Mittelpunkt steht der Mensch


NESS&NETWORK is a value-oriented partner in the professional sports sector. The guiding principle for all decisions is to find the right solutions together with the athletes – after careful consultation and consideration, as quickly as possible and sometimes unconventionally. If wished for, opinions of family and closest friends are also taken into account. The person is always at the centre of all NESS&NETWORK activities.

The path to national and international success is a constant training and learning process. To achieve great goals, openness to new ideas is crucial. In addition, all external conditions have to be right and personal qualities are of utmost importance. Our several years of experience have shown that, in addition to talent and motivation, the personal well-being and inner balance of athletes is crucial for optimal results and a positive appearance.

NESS&NETWORK knows the complexities of being a professional athlete and works responsibly in the background so that athletes can devote themselves to their profession without distractions.